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Greenwich CrossFit’s
Fundamentals Program

Designed to introduce you to:

  • The CrossFit basics
  • The core CrossFit movements
    (body weight, endurance and barbell movements)
  • The intensity of the CrossFit workouts

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4 week program

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Our Fundamental Program consists of eight practical training sessions. Here you will learn CrossFit’s basic nine fundamental movements while gaining insight into our philosophy/workout regimen. We emphasize client safety and community building in addition to learning proper CrossFit terminology. Each session includes a form-focused tutorial, followed by intimate group practice with trainer’s verbal and tactile cues. The class ends with a classic CrossFit workout of the day (WOD) integrating everything you have learned and practiced in a traditional high-intensity cardio and strength workout. You will have the basic tools and understanding of CrossFit by completing our Fundamental Program and be on your way to achieving optimal health and fitness! The fundamentals course will cycle every Sunday at 10:45am and you can jump in at any time throughout the month.


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