CrossFit is a program developed to offer a full-body workout that combines weightlifting, cardio, gymnastics and core training. Our classes incorporate instruction, exploration, and demonstration by our qualified coaches to create an environment that gives our athletes the most from their workout. This challenging and balanced programming boosts the cardiovascular fitness and well-being of growing athletes, complimented by an encouraging, accepting environment.

  • Warm-Up: Skill-based to prepare the body for the workout.
  • Skill/Strength: Strength training and basic movement instruction.
  • Workout of the Day (WOD): A combination of jumping, squatting, running, gymnastic, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, and more.
  • Cool-Down: Stretches and mobility for ultimate WOD recovery.


Ready to achieve greatness? Our BPM classes will help you burn more in less time by kicking your metabolism into overdrives. This is a total body conditioning program that will reach you outside of your comfort zone for smarter results by training with kettlebells, assault bikes, dumbbells and more. Break through what you thought was possible!


Focus on your personal goals, refine your and specialized training needs, through personal training sessions with one of our experienced staff members. These sessions take place in a private work out area to provide maximum one on one training.

Kid Fit

Pairing fitness with fun! KidFit is for ages 9-12. The program is a series of classes that help children understand safe fitness, increasing their endurance and learning good sportsmanship inside and out of CrossFit. They will experience for themselves why so many love this gym! Kiddo athletes perform a warm up/game, stretch, skill work and, of course, a workout at their own ability. Adjustments are made, if necessary, to accommodate the specific needs and requirements of each individual.


Our Fundamental Program consists of three private practical training sessions. Here you will learn CrossFit’s basic nine fundamental movements, while gaining insight into our philosophy/workout regimen. We emphasize client safety and community building, in addition to learning proper CrossFit terminology. Each session includes a form-focused tutorial, followed by practice with trainer’s verbal and tactile cues. The session ends with a classic CrossFit workout of the day (WOD) integrating everything you have learned and practiced in a traditional high-intensity cardio and strength workout. You will have the basic tools and understanding of CrossFit by completing our Fundamental Program and be on your way to achieving optimal health and fitness! The three sessions can be scheduled at your convenience!


*Not for Drop Ins