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  • I had never done CrossFit and was a bit intimidated by it, until I met Colleen Delaney McCarthy. She assured me that all the moves would be broken down to achieve safe and proper form. Her enthusiasm and encouragement motivated me to come and try something new. I quickly grew to love the environment at Greenwich CrossFit. The coaches and members here are welcoming, helpful and encouraging. Exercises are clearly explained and all levels and ages can find a challenge in the daily workouts. I always know that I will leave here with a feeling of satisfaction and achievement as well as with a smile on my face! I love the clean and attractive facility, the patient and knowledgeable coaching and the friendly hardworking clientele!

    Marla Citron Member Greenwich CrossFit
  • The coaches at Greenwich crossfit have created a platform of health and fitness unique to the world of high intensity exercise. I have been working with Greenwich Crossfit as a sports medicine consultant since day 1 and have been thoroughly impressed. The brand of Crossfit has taken some heat as a sport that creates injury. Greenwich Crossfit, however has proven since the doors opened that their emphasis is on "health" and not injury! The knowledge of the coaches and their emphasis on form and correct movements have produced stronger and healthier clients. Greenwich Crossfit is reinforcing and teaching daily the overall goal of sport, how to become a strong and healthy individual both physically and mentally!

    Dr. Christopher Rago, DC, MS Greenwich Sports Medicine
  • I FEEL BETTER, I SLEEP BETTER, EVEN MY CLOTHES FIT BETTER... I’m not sure of the weight I’ve lost but its definitely been redistributed and more than anything I feel like I am not reliant on daily trips to Starbucks to stay awake and a glass of wine at night to go to bed. And the kids are eating less refined sugar and seeing me empowered. I even brought my daughter a couple Saturdays to Crossfit. (She added a little quote to your wipe board.) In fact, instead of trips to Starbucks, I am now getting the Zenergy smoothie from Green & Tonic in New Canaan.

    Before CrossFit, my hip had really been bothering me and I even asked the personal trainer I interviewed for work about it. He said spinning really tightens up your hip flexers, so I was already looking for a way to mix up my exercise routine. Enter CROSSFIT, my hip hasn’t bothered me for the last month! I was also having sleep breathing issues at night (God, I sound like a real mess) but I was wondering if I had sleep apnea — again, I’ve been sleeping SO SO well since starting the Challenge…no plan for a sleep test.

    Laura M. Member at Greenwich CrossFit