A branding assessment is an impartial evaluation of how your firm is viewed by your clients and prospects. We design our studies to illuminate important values, themes and topics that resonate with your target audience to provide you with a deeper understanding of what your clients value and what you can do to maximize your brand impact.

Brand Impact - Actionable Insights - Global Perspective

Depending on your objective, our research will measure brand attributes such as value, delivery, referral potential, and reputation while looking at the big picture—your client's journey, client experience and beyond.

Markets and technology are changing quickly, and new competitors are emerging as your clients’ preferences evolve. Our research will help your firm understand who knows your brand, how your brand is perceived, what a relationship with your brand is like and how you compare to the competition.

Our branding assessments help you stay one step ahead to be responsive and agile in your strategy. These data-driven, actionable insights guide your firm to analyze marketing funnel metrices in order to understand who is aware and how familiar the market is with your organization, in addition to how your brand is perceived.

Favorability of Selected Asset Managers

Perceived Changes in Brand Impact

Understanding Perceptions