Executive Summary

FY22 revenues for the Commercial Banking Index banks increased significantly YoY, driven primarily by Cash Management which was supported by an increase in Trade Finance and Lending. This was partially offset by decrease in IBD revenues Cash Management revenues increased on the back of balances aided by a robust fee income. Trade Finance revenues grew moderately in FY22 driven by better trade activities and higher demand for Supply Chain Finance. ECM dropped due to heightened market volatility. DCM was adversely affected as debt issuance continued to struggle, and reached pre-pandemic level following multiple interest rate hikes. Lending revenues performed well in FY22 attributable to growth in loan volumes.

  • Performance is benchmarked against CRISIL Coalition’s Standard Product Taxonomy
  • Analysis includes revenues, deposits and loans from Corporates with annual turnover of more than US$10mn and less than US$1.5 bn
  • Adjustments are made to publicly reported performance. Examples:

Exclusions: Derivatives or any other revenues pertaining to non-Commercial Banking business
Business structure adjustments: Excluding revenues from Retail Banking SME Business Clients with less than $10mn